Taxi Fleet Management


The simpler, safer way to pay and get paid.

With our vt4india taxi platform it is easier than ever to manage & uberize your taxi fleet.

Booking engine & driver app

With the vt4india intuitive rider & customer apps, booking a ride has never been easier. Seamless communication between the Rider and Customer app create an experience like never before.

Seamless optimized assignment

Our advanced algorithm takes into consideration over 100 parameters and choosing the closest and the most suitable taxi whenever the customer requests for one.

Tools for your business

We have got all the tools required for running a taxi business covered for you, so that you can just focus on growing your business.

Payment management

Complete cash management solution for rider & consumer

Passenger safety

Our App takes care of the passenger safety with one click SOS alert on the customer app

Navigation assistance

Turn by turn navigation available for the rider along with taxi tracking for the customer

Automated invoicing

Automatic Invoice generation at the end of each trip with all the trip details

Driver attendance module

Time based attendance can be monitored for the taxi drivers

We help you make your taxi business profitable

Since we provide you with the entire IT ecosystem required for running a successful taxi business reducing the initial investment requirement for your business, helping you drive profits at a never before imagined pace.