Last Mile Delivery Management


App based mobility management

Vt4india makes managing your fleet easier than ever before. Our app based platform makes the solution deployment a cakewalk.

Automation & optimization for last mile

End to End first-mile & Last-mile logistics automation solutions makes the logistics more efficient with minimum human interference.

Driver & Order Tracking

Live monitoring of all the drivers and order status through a single screen interactive interface.

Automatic Assignment

Automatically assigns the orders to drivers based on multiple pre-decided parameters.

Efficiency Reporting

Elaborate Reporting for various parameters of the trip enables you to take data driven decisions.

How we help your Business ?

Our solution provides you with the most advanced set of features that will enable you to monitor your business metrics like never before.

Criticality Dashboard

This one of the most advance & intelligent feature offered by vt4india, this enables you to get the status for all the ongoing orders in a segregated visual form. Now you can control & monitor all your operations by looking at just one screen.

Attendence with Facial Recognition

Gone are the days of fake proxy attendance on app. With our advanced facial recognition algorithm, now the attendance can only be marked at the reporting location only by the intended person.

Route Optimization

Often the drivers having multiple stop-points struggle with deciding where to go first and where to go after that. With our route optimization solution the drivers get an automatic created route making it more efficient and economical.

Order Queuing

Receiving multiple orders at the same time could be a huge pain, with our order queuing feature you can prioritise and based on the priority- queue the orders hence creating a smooth dispatch of orders.

Live Streaming

With our all new live streaming feature it is easier than ever to monitor the on-ground opertaions live through a single page. Now remotely stream live video on vt4india web panel using the front & back camera of the employee’s / rider’s phone at just click of a button

We are Worldwide

Now with our platform expanding globally is as easy as it gets with one click global deployment capabilities.