Safe & Smart cities


Safe & Smart Cities

Knowledge expertise and execution capabilities in telecommunications and networks arena, which form the core of Smart City infrastructure and operations, effectively positions VT4INDIA as a Master System Integrator, playing a crucial role in crafting and optimizing Smart City solutions.

VT4INDIA believes that for any city to evolve as a Smart City, it has to be Safe to start with. Following a comprehensive solutions approach towards designing and developing advanced technology systems and solutions, VT4INDIA strives to deliver Safer Cities to citizens. Homeland Security – Civilian Safety form the core of VT4INDIA’s Smart City strategy.

VT4INDIA’s offerings in the Safe & Smart City domain include key core solutions like Communication/IT/Telecom infrastructure, Data Centre, Disaster Recovery and Management, Security, Surveillance, Traffic Management and Citizen/Mobile Applications.For other important modules in the Smart City arena, such as Power, Water, Waste and other utility managements, VT4INDIA partners with reputed organizations having requisite expertise and experience.

Having delivered large scale complex projects, coupled with a rich experience of working with various State and Central Government customers and institutions, as well as with medium and large private Indian enterprises, VT4INDIA is well positioned on the confluence of public and private enterprises to competitively deliver on Smart City projects in India.

Smart City Network: The Backbone

Every Indian city is unique in itself and these cities collectively define the uniqueness of India, with no two cities having similar footprint or characteristics. VT4INDIA takes upon itself the daunting challenge to offer customized network solutions for these varied civilian agglomerations, which vary from large congested urban metros surrounded by sprawling suburban localities to ancient agglomerations, to modern new towns to thinly populated hill and desert towns having population spread over distant spaces.

Network connectivity for Smart City ranges from microwave and Wi-Fi solutions servicing heavily congested by-lanes of old towns, to optimized last mile connectivity for leased bandwidth from broadband operators in highly cable networked cities, to dedicated-owned Optical Fiber Cable and Hybrid networks for green field developments. Our offerings are highly customized to comprehensively address unique requirements of varied Indian Cities. We believe a combination or a hybrid model is necessary to design and implement an optimal, cost effective and efficient network.

Safe City Solutions

Safe City as a concept has been adopted by many Indian cities and has evolved tremendously over the past few years. Safe City Solutions which were primarily designed for public safety, security and protection of assets, are increasingly designed to include additional intelligent systems and services, thereby becoming the first avatar of the Smart Cities. Even in full blown smart city concepts, safety and security systems are extremely critical and play a crucial role in fulfilling the key objective of making the cities safer for all inhabitants and stake holders.

VT4INDIA engineers are not only experts in such system installations and integration, but also have been instrumental in crafting customized and diversified solutions like City Surveillance Systems, Data and Disaster Recovery Centers, Command

Intelligent Urban & Highway Traffic Management Systems (ITMS & HTMS)

Increasing mobility, resulting in larger number and type of vehicles treading Indian roads is posing significant challenges for civic authorities to monitor and manage Urban and Highway traffic flows and congestions, and at the same time, address safety and security aspects associated with them (road safety, theft, etc.). VT4INDIA offerings are targeted towards addressing these everyday issues of civil life, thereby extending a safer and secure environment to the population on move.

ITMS and HTMS typically comprise of below subsystems:

  • Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
  • Speed Detection
  • Red Light Violation
  • Automatic Vehicle Classification and Counting
  • Wrong-Way Vehicular Movement Detection
  • Incident Detection
  • Electronic Challan (Penalty Process)
  • Weather Monitoring System
  • Emergency Call Box
  • Variable Message Sign Boards
  • Tolling solutions
  • Adaptive Traffic Management and routing
  • Incident Management

Surveillance: Video

Video Management Software (VMS) plays a vital role in today’s security and surveillance scenario. Data captured and stored through VMS are analyzed for forensic purposes. Situational analytics are implemented over the VMS for more efficient and directional data capture.

Some VT4INDIA Surveillance Offerings:

Video Management System (VMS)

  • Video Analytics System (VAS)
  • Incident Detection Systems
  • Public Announcement Systems
  • Emergency Command & Control Systems

Some Analytics and Correlation Layers :

  • Unidentified object detection
  • Motion/ intrusion detection
  • Vandalism & tamper detection
  • Tress-passing detection
  • Over-crowding detection

Emergency, Command and Control Centers

Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (C4I) is a highly flexible and scalable Command and Control solution for monitoring, management and control of remote video, audio and alarm streams in an all IP environment. Its objective is to centralize all distributed security systems and information for fast reaction times.

System modules such as Operator/Administrative Workstation, IP Video Wall, Video Management System, Detection & Tracking services, Live Image Analytics, integrated with Analog/Digital Cameras over wired or wireless networks, provide high quality, feature-rich, robust and secure video surveillance outputs, enabling faster in-time response.

VT4INDIA, through a modular approach offers customized scalable solutions with built in securities and redundancies for optimum performance.

Such systems are ideal for police forces, border control authorities, government departments, traffic management departments, security companies and private corporations seeking comprehensive video surveillance solutions.