Specialized Delivery Management


Essential Services Pickup & Delivery Management

Vt4india all new pickup and delivery management platform helps to track and scale your critical time bound pickup and delivery operations with just a click.

Platform Features

Advanced Route Optimization

Automatically assigns the orders to drivers based on multiple pre-decided parameters. This helps you achieve maximum effiecy in your delivery operations

Extensive Reporting

With our all new panel, we have multiple interactive reports that can be downloaded so that you always have the appropriate metrics that help you drive your business

Quick Solution Deployment

With our cloud based web platform it is easier than ever to automate your pickup & delivery operations with vt4india synco & bolt platforms.

Specialized Use-Cases

Milk Runs

Milk delivery is a highly specialized and critical operation and requires constant monitoring and status tracking. All of this can now be done from a single web panel- delivery & pickup tracking platform, with just one click you will be able to track all your onfield vehicles, delivered or not delivered orders, route optimization, route assignmnet, travel distance and much more.

Garbage Pickup

With real-time data capturing , you can get access to graphical analysis for route-wise bin pickup efficiency. Get actual comparison based on number of bins missed & picked with the help of live vehicle tracking functionality. You get access to all the documented metrics on a single page which helps you take decisions that stremline operations & improve process efficiency.

Advanced Daily Reports