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Ai enabled vehicle surveillance

The all new BOLT X with driver facial recognition & real-time drowsiness detection

Want the freedom to Immobilize your vehicle anywhere-Even in the basement?

For the first time Vt4India is introducing a cutting edge technology which leaps over the boundations of conventional ignition cut technology. With the introduction of Bluetooth based ignition cut, you can immobilize your vehicle even in a no cellular network area.

Enabled with tools…

Our Advanced Bolt app comes loaded with tons of features that help you monitor several metrics for your vehicle in real-time. some of the most commonly used metrics include Ignition status, battery status, live speed, Odometer readings, Door & AC status, Motion sensing and much more.

Extensive interactive reporting & dashboards

We understand your need for beautiful yet in-depth reporting that is not just visually appealing but interactive as well. We help you visualize the metrics in a way that is easy to understand and navigate.

Enabled to work with multiple sensors

The platform has been designed such that it can be easily integrated with wide array of sensors which help you monitor your vehicle like never before.

Fuel level sensor

Now easily glance through your vehicle fuel level directly through our bolt app.

Temperature sensor

Now you can easily monitor the temperature inside your vehicle from the Bolt app.

Door & A/C status sensor

Our App tells you the live status of the doors in your car.

In-vehicle motion sensor

Our latest innovation is integration of in-car motion sensor on our platform.