New Vt4 India


The all new Vt4india

Introducing the most advanced & futuristic tracking device- the all new vt4india

With new vt4india, stay more connected than ever

New vt4india lets you enjoy the most advanced features on any device. Vehicle Door status, Battery voltage monitoring, In-Vehicle motion sensing, tilt detection and much more have only been made possible with New vt4india.

Mobilize & immobilize even when you're offline

With New vt4india is introducing a cutting edge technology which leaps over the boundations of conventional ignition cut technology. With the introduction of Bluetooth based ignition cut, now you can immobilize your vehicle even in a no cellular network area.

Instant vehicle towing alerts & notifications

Afraid of Vehicle being towed from the parking location? With our new new vt4india we have that covered, The advanced tow detection technology alerts you as soon as it detects a possible towing activity on your vehicle.

Roadside Assistance anywhere, anytime!

With our Bolt app we not only help you track and monitor your vehicle but we also help you get roadside assistance on the go with just a click of a button, Getting roadside assistance has never been easier.