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Taxi fleet Uberization

Engage Customers with a powerful booking application & automate the assignment process.

Last Minute Delivery Automation

Increase your rider utilization rate with the help of optimization & real-time monitoring.

Sales Force Tracking

Grow your business with the help of metrics & performance analysis for your on-field team.

School Transport Management

Seamlessly stay connected & make pick up & drop more convenient for parents.

Vehicle Fleet Monitoring

Explore a whole new world of telematics IoT & a highly enabled software platform.

Specialized Solutions

See how Vt4 India has transformed the way various businesses operate with the help of special tools.

AIS 140 approved GPS tracking devices

As the best GPS Tracking Company in India, Vt4India has launched a market leading AIS140 approved GPS tracking device in India. Covering all major cities of India, our award winning Government approved GPS trackers and powerful app and web platform provide a solution for all walks of life from school buses to commercial vehicles to independent taxi drivers.

Create a smarter, more connected business eco-system.

Make your business smarter & more high tech by shifting to technology driven operations

Instant data capturing

With real-time information exchange, make smarter decisions in no time.

Technical SEO Audit

Help your business grow faster through appropriate resource allocation.

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We provide all our APIs for integration to seamlessly connect multiple channels. You can push orders from your existing order management system onto Vt4India easily.

With our IoT connectivity capability, it is easy to connect vehicles as well. All vehicles with a GPS device can be configured to work on a single platform along with the drivers who are using our LMA app.

We have setup our own reverse geocoding server and the platform is capable of finding out the lat long from the text-based address input.

For enterprises, we offer Paas & Saas based solutions. Our pricing is highly competitive, extremely flexible and dependent on the kind of services you require. Just give us a call!

We have a completely modular platform. Various configuration options allow you to show/hide modules, restrict access & manage permissions for each user.